The West Wind Blows!

Exodus 10:19 "And the LORD turned a very strong west wind, which took the locusts away and blew them into the Red Sea. There remained not one locust in all the territory of Egypt."


Today, February 24, 2016, in the Houston, TX area, we’re experiencing strong winds this morning (as we did on last night as well)! When I looked at the forecast (see in pic), I couldn’t help but learn more of the west winds that are blowing through this region!  As we know every scripture is inspired Word from The Lord!  When I read it, my spirit leaped and I began to declare prophetically!


So, today, I declare that as the strong west wind blow through ~ we will see and know that every pestilent spirit that has eaten the very resources of our land are swiftly taken away and blown into the Gulf Coast! The very tentacles of every unclean spirit, spirit of fear, spirit of rejection, all tormenting spirits, spirit of mammon, the spirit of pride, spirit of jealousy, the spirit of behemoth over this region, the spirits of Jezebel, Ahab and Pharaoh, spirit of deception, the spirit of perversion, the spirit of addiction, every dream-destroying spirit, every cursed word floating in the atmosphere to hinder our destiny, every ancient-aged evil spirit sent to destroy the generational blessings upon our lives, every ridiculing spirit, every lie and infesting spirit, the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of death, every deaf and dumb spirit, and every evil scheme sent to destroy the work of our Heavenly Father through us by the witches, warlocks, gnomes, imps of this region ARE ALL PICKED UP IN THIS WEST WIND AND BLOWN AWAY AND SWALLOWED UP IN THE COAST OF THIS REGION! NEVER TO RETURN! As Children of the Most High GOD, we will not hold on to that which The Father has stripped from us in this hour!


I declare we will begin to see in a whole new light as the scales of these spirits no longer hinder our vision in this hour! Revival is surely here within the hearts of HIS children! Just as Luke 12:54says, “And He said also to the people, When ye see a cloud [of glory] rise out of the west [grace of GOD], straightway ye say, There cometh a shower [revival]; and so it is!


Be empowered, equipped and enjoy as the west wind blows all the hindrances out of your pathway TODAY!



© Pastor Anissa Perkins, Kidron Brook Ministries


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09.07 | 10:03

Yes, yes, yes! This is the heart of God! More Kingdom Advancers, Kingdom Ambassadors, Kingdom Campaigners will come forward! Flipping the world upside down!

08.03 | 14:25

Glory! Behold, all things are NEW!

24.02 | 13:09

SELAH! Father, I choose to forgive them!

11.09 | 04:14

So blessed by this word. Body of Christ be encourage, our Saviour is coming.

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