“Let’s go and get away from these Israelites. Their God, the Eternal One, is fighting for them against us.” Exodus 14:25


This is an exclamation the Egyptians made when they FINALLY realized the Most High God, El Elyon, was with the children of Israel as they exited Egypt. The Egyptians were unable to comprehend that God was with the Israelites from God’s prior signs: the plagues of water being turned into blood, frogs, lice, flies, diseased livestock, boils, hail and fire, locusts, darkness and death of firstborn sons. It was not until the Egyptians saw their very own fury amounting to nothing in the midst of God’s fury that they came to KNOW the One True God was fighting against them!


 Just know this … Child of God, keep trusting and following God’s direction as He gives you through your Exodus of matters that have controlled you, imprisoned you, bound you, silenced you and even attempted to kill you. There will be a final act in your Exodus from debt, slander, addictions, religious mindsets, etc. that will have your enemy knowing and SAYING who your God is! It’s confirmation to the Scripture written in Philippians 2:11, “that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Keep pursuing God and obey Him, you will be saved and your enemy will KNOW and TESTIFY that the Almighty God fights your battles! Glory!

Latest comments

09.07 | 10:03

Yes, yes, yes! This is the heart of God! More Kingdom Advancers, Kingdom Ambassadors, Kingdom Campaigners will come forward! Flipping the world upside down!

08.03 | 14:25

Glory! Behold, all things are NEW!

24.02 | 13:09

SELAH! Father, I choose to forgive them!

11.09 | 04:14

So blessed by this word. Body of Christ be encourage, our Saviour is coming.

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