It is written ...

The Lord says, “It’s not just personal; it is proverbial.” 


In Proverbs 6:16 - 19, “The LORD hates these six things, and seven are an abomination to Him:

1)    a proud look;

2)    a lying tongue,

3)    hands that shed innocent blood;

4)    a heart that devises wicked imaginations,

5)    feet that are swift in running to evil;

6)    a false witness who speaks lies; and

7)   the one who sows discord among brothers.”


Personal means belonging to or intended for a particular person and no-one elseProverbial means of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a proverb (statement of a general and practical truth, especially one that serves as a rule of conduct or a precept).


This passage of Proverbs noted above notes what our LORD GOD hates and what is an abomination to Him.  In reading this passage, it is not by happenstance that a lying tongue” and a false witness who speaks lies” is noted twice in this proverb.   (Many times statements mentioned twice mean to take more than a casual glance.)  Do you realize in having a lying tongue and speaking lies not only gives personal testimony of your character but also defies our service to the TRUTH GIVER of proverbial truth. 


The Bible says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  John 8:32.  Also, John 14:6 says it is impossible to declare we know truth (Jesus) and walk as a false witness who speaks lies or have a lying tongue.  The Truth-Giver cannot operate through lies.


Do you often hear those that profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior say – “Father, forgive me for that lie” or “It was just a white lie”?   Or have you ever experienced being a victim of a lying tongue? Or, maybe you’ve been the perpetrator of a lying tongue that has caused harm to many, even your own self.  Just know these two things the Father hates: 1) a lying tongue” and 2)“a false witness who speaks lies” gives foundation to the remaining five things the LORD hates and that which is an abomination to Him.


John 8:44, reads You are from your father the devil and you want to do the desires of your father. That one was a murderer from the beginning and he has not stood in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he would tell a lie, he speaks from his own supply (he speaks his native language), because he is the father of lies.”


Jesus calls us to a higher place, the place where GOD is our Father.  GOD, the Father sent Jesus to destroy the works of the enemy.  Lying and being a false witness is the works of the devil, which are to be done away with.


Know this – possessing a lying tongue gives one a personal declaration the devil is their father and has opened the door for a whirlwind of a life of a façade and untruth!  (They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. – Hosea 8:7)  Our GOD, who is the GOD of Truth, hates a child of the devil! 


This is a proverbial word – It is written!

The "Wisdom" House


Proverbs 24:3-4 reads "Wisdom is required to build a house; understanding is necessary to make it secure. Knowledge is needed to furnish all the rooms and fill them with beautiful treasures."


As God instructed Solomon on how to build a HOUSE for the Lord, he completed it with great success. Solomon now shares his insight and wisdom with the ‘readers and doers’ of Proverbs on how to build a house worthy of God’s habitation. He realizes after much failure and heartache that it truly takes wisdom and understanding to build something of that stature.


Wisdom is the framework. This is what they call the “bones” of the house. If you have bad bones, the house will not stand, no matter how pretty it looks. Wisdom makes the best material to withstand the storms of this life. All hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes do not stand a chance as wisdom confronts them on every side. Although the enemy will blow and huff and puff, the frame of wisdom is solid and it won’t go down. In Proverbs 4:7 it states, “Wisdom is the principal (fundamental) thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting (attainment, realization), get understanding (interpretation, comprehension)”. By wisdom, the worlds were framed. And if God can use wisdom to frame the worlds, then surely it will work for the “wisdom house” in you.


Understanding is the foundation. This is what holds the framework up. Interpretation and comprehension makes sure the frame of wisdom stands. It has to be solid and strong. As it states in 1 Corinthians 3:11, “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid which is Christ Jesus.” What a sure foundation!


The very pillars of the foundation of understanding give rise to the fruit of the Spirit. Notice they are underground, hidden where they can’t be seen by the naked eye. But God knows! They are shown by the life of the believer submitted to the Lordship of Christ. The house then “houses” the pleasant and precious riches Solomon talks about, the Glory of Our God.  This is the knowledge of HIS GLORY in the house made evident by the fruit of HIS Spirit shown through the believer's life!  What a well furnished house?!


Please view the drawing of the Wisdom House and determine today what type of house you want to build for the Lord.


God Bless!

Hold Your Ground ... Stand Firm!


Ephesians 6 (The Voice version)

10 Finally, brothers and sisters, draw your strength and might from God. 11 Put on the full armor of God to protect yourselves from the devil and his evil schemes. 12 We’re not waging war against enemies of flesh and blood alone. No, this fight is against tyrants, against authorities, against supernatural powers and demon princes that slither in the darkness of this world, and against wicked spiritual armies that lurk about in heavenly places.

13 And this is why you need to be head-to-toe in the full armor of God: so you can resist during these evil days and be fully prepared to hold your ground. 14 Yes, stand—truth banded around your waist, righteousness as your chest plate, 15 and feet protected in preparation to proclaim the good news of peace. 16 Don’t forget to raise the shield of faith above all else, so you will be able to extinguish flaming spears hurled at you from the wicked one. 17 Take also the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.


The enemy is seeking destruction to every purpose of GOD’s will in you.


Put on GOD, Who is your full armour … not pieces but put on all of GOD.  Don’t leave the feet unprotected because you have the breastplate and helmet on.  Or, don’t have the belt on and think you not need the shield or sword.  You need the whole armour!  We need armour!  GOD is our armour so that we can stand firm against the methods of the devil.  The devil’s methods are not original – they are the same from generation to generation.  Human flesh is not the enemy – it’s the powers and demon princes of darkness.  And, these spiritual armies of the devil are not in some far off distant; however, they are very close.  Guess what?  They are so close to interact as to wrestle you in a match.  They are so close in proximity to wrestle you in a wrestling match. 


In the ancient world, the sport of wrestling was not where one of the opponents win and the other opponent lose and just go home.  No!  In the ancient world, the opponents would wrestle until the opposing player died.  Know that in our wrestling match against spirits and principalities, there is a life or death situation.  The devil’s armies are not way out there which angels are doing all the fighting; the enemy is so close to know your weaknesses – to know your vulnerability.  In order for you to be alert to stand firm in this fight, you must know what the enemy knows about you! 


By the way, it’s a good fight for you – it’s a good fight of faith!  So, what measure of faith that is in you that you’re fighting with?!  You may have started with the mustard seed size of faith, but now has your faith grown?!  Your faith should be much larger now!  Come on, you got to stand firm in all the regrets, disappointments, loss of loved ones whether by death, separation, distance … even in your successes, the new things that are taking place in your life – you must stand firm in GOD, Who is your armour.


What is it that the devil wants?  The intimacies in heaven, before the devil fell, the enemy saw GOD giving man HIS will as GOD created man in HIS image.  Satan desires to lay hold of our will, in essence GOD’s will but he cannot fight GOD.  In no way can he even stand face to face with GOD, who is Sovereign, Holy, Powerful and of ALL Authority!  So, with you being GOD’s agent in the earth realm know that the enemy is going to throw everything your way to deter you with many methods (doubts, delays, distractions, and other destroying mechanisms) to stop you from being align in GOD’s Will but he won’t stay as you stay in GOD, Who is your armour. 


If we do not take the battle seriously, we will not get dressed cautiously.  We will not put on GOD, Who is our full armour.  Before you get into the battlefield, you need to get in ARMOUR – in GOD.  Again, I cannot help but stress this because I am hearing so many going into battle without GOD and causing needless casualties upon themselves and their ministries.


Get in a quiet place.  Allow GOD to heal you for the battles HE will lead you by HIS Spirit.  As you put on HIM, you will see nothing but VICTORIES in everything!  Our GOD is a WINNER!  We’re on a winning team!  Always be battle ready!

Get Your Harvest Plate Ready!

Our Papa GOD says, "Get your harvest plate ready!  I am about to astound you!  Bring your harvest plate to the table which I have prepared for you.  I have prepared a feast for you in the presence of your enemies.  Be of good courage!  I have called the wealth from the wicked into the hands of My righteous sons and daughters!" 


Psalms 126 (The Voice version) reads:

Remember when the Eternal brought back the exiles to Zion?
    It was as if we were dreaming—
Our mouths were filled with laughter;
    our tongues were spilling over into song.
The word went out across the prairies and deserts,
    across the hills, over the oceans wide, from nation to nation:
“The Eternal has done remarkable things for them.”
We shook our heads. All of us were stunned—the Eternal has done remarkable things for us.
    We were beyond happy, beyond joyful.

And now, Eternal One, some are held captive and poor.
    Release them, and restore our fortunes
    as the dry riverbeds of the South spring to life when the rains come at last.
Those who walk the fields to sow, casting their seed in tears,
    will one day tread those same long rows, amazed by what’s appeared.
Those who weep as they walk
    and plant with sighs
Will return singing with joy,
    when they bring home the harvest.

GOD showed me a vision of a baby's hand having cut at the wrist.  This baby's hand was placed inside the hand of an older hand being lifted up as in worship unto GOD!  "How disgusting?!" …the LORD GOD Almighty says. 


GOD continued to speak and said "There are many I have caused to conceive and I've birth a new move into - they've even travailed in My Name for this "new thing" I was doing within them. I am disgusted with what I see.  I see they've discarded the new body I've given them and kept the works of their hands, and hands they are able to control, because it's as if it's of their works but the new hands are of no use without the new body that they've discarded.  It's dead!  You're lifting up a part of the new with the old works before Me!  It's dead!  It's not an acceptable offering!


Did I not impregnate you with ministry to heal-set free-deliver captives, the new idea, the business, a new gifiting and did you not travail in labor for it to come to pass to now discard the body?!  I am the LORD, I changeth not!  I speak, I move on purpose. I breathe life of the new creation in you on purpose! 


I say to those who have kept the new lives I've produced within you to continue to feed, swaddle, clean and care attentively to the new creation I've given you.  Nurture the baby carefully; not just with wisdom but with understanding and knowledge.  With these three (wisdom, understanding, knowledge) the new thing I've created will grow and mature and will not be discarded from Me.  I am the Lord who makes all things new!


Lift up to Me clean hands and pure hearts!  I am a forgiving GOD and will delight Myself in pure hearts."

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